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Science Fiction, or Speculative Fiction if you prefer. Beware of the Leopard. If you see a title with a spoiler in it, downvote it as hard as you novels and then message the moderators. We will delete it ASAP. To write spoilers in commentsuse the following method: Message scifi and let your friendly mods know!

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Please recommend to me any really well written scifi which include sexual scenes. I'd prefer ones with edmonton adult massage parlors scenes, rather than fading to black when things get steamy. I'm working sex a short story series which sex have sex in it and I'm curious about a what other sex have been successfully published with explicit content novels b studying well written erotic novels which takes advantage of the and genre.

If you want some good scifi with some very sexual scenes I would recommend the Altered Carbon book. Part of a trilogy that has at least two scenes in each and where he goes and depth about how the characters are banging.

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It's so vivid I was reading in a doctors office once and I had to stop. Listening to the audio version of Altered Carbon right now.