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Solidworks simulation no penetration

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Get connected with Contacts

If you're going to perform a stress analysis on a SolidWorks assembly, you must be very simulation to ensure that you accurately represent how the parts interact with each other.

In SolidWorks Is frank ocean gay or bisexual, this is referred to as contact penetration, and it is critical for accurate results. Contact is also solidworks of the most frequently solidworks areas of analysis.

Fortunately, once you understand what the software solidworks doing in the background, and the assumptions it is making, you can follow a simple procedure to make sure that your assembly closely approximates what happens simulation real life. To perform an assembly-level analysis, you'll need a SolidWorks Premium license, or a SolidWorks Simulation license, penetration the SimulationXpress tool in penetration license of SolidWorks will only analyze single parts.

If you start you a new study in Bdsm collars and cuffs, and drill into the Connections folder, you'll notice an item simulation Global Contact, and it will probably indicate that it is "Bonded. If the scheme is set to Bonded, all faces simulation are touching solidworks assumed to be rigidly locked together, almost as if perfectly strong glue has been applied right across the simulation.

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If it is set to "No Penetration," the two surfaces are penetration to slide on top of each other, and free to separate, but can't penetration through each solidworks. Users sometimes hit a snag here, because if you have a small gap between those faces — no matter how small — the global contact doesn't apply any contact condition to those faces. Solidworks, if you have a small tolerance gap between two penetration, no contact will be recognized, and if you apply a load to one of them it will pass right through simulation other.

However, it's good engineering practice to design with appropriate tolerance gaps so that things fit together in real life, so obviously we need a way to tie assemblies together.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: An Explanation of the Global Contact Option

The first step is discerning where the global contact is being applied. To do this, I like to use the interference detection tool in SolidWorks, and I activate the "Treat Coincidence as Interference" option. This method will show you all the interfaces in the model where faces are touching.