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Spanked in wet panties

This was panties rather fun film to make wet Sarah was a terrible flirt, cleaning that bathroom with her magnificent boobs almost knocking me flying yes, I was the cam guy in this and Spanked got some interesting angles of this nice wet spanking film, perched on top of the toilet wet down, or on the floor looking up… Paul added a great spanked by having her panties removed part way through and soaking them… making Sarah put them on again.

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Spanking a wet bottom you get added friction and that is precisely spanked happened afterwards. There is also panties kick ass photo gallery which has been remastered along withthe video image gallery as standard, all in all, an update NOT to getting pregnant pre cum I have one sample image below click to enlarge, this is what members get and the other images are taken from a free gallery I made available earlier today for promotion.

Below if the official blurb of the film storyline, followed by some promotional images. Paul insisted that his live in maid, Sarah Gregory, cleaned his house practically naked!

She also knew that if she did something wrong he got wet spank her… and we think that she liked this a little too much as she was always getting into trouble!

Caned in wet knickers

Here we see Sarah take too long cleaning the bathroom so this time it was a spanking with a twist panties she was punished in panties wet panties to give that added sting!

I absolutely love the wedgie pics.

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I think wedgies in spankings are so sexy. I spanked love to see more wedgies in spankings from a number of different positions.

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