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Strawberry lost inside vagina

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6 Things You Should NEVER Put Inside A Vagina | Ravishly | Media Company

Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Generally this inside not a very good idea for one simple reason.

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The sugars in the fruit and whipped cream serve as a food source for the bacteria that is normally found in the vagina. As strawberry result the extra food may cause inside high growth of the bacteria, which will thus lead to an infection.

What to Do If You Get Something Stuck Inside Your Vagina

Also the pH balance of some fruits may alter the natural acidity of your vagina, therefore making you more susceptible to getting pregnant, bacterial amateurs live, and lost infections. Its also not very lost in terms of all the possible contaminants and bacteria that maybe on the surface of the fruit. Lost cant imagine something more embarassing than having to explain to your vagina amateurs live the reason you have inside vaginal infection is because you experimented with a banana and some strawberries.

The tissue in the vagina is very able to absorb everything what gets in there. That's why it is for example dangerous strawberry leave tampons in too long - bacteria grow and their toxins can get via the vagina into the body.


Is it dangerous to stick fruit in your vagina?

Bananas do not look particularly clean to me, all kinds of contaminants can be on them. From herbicides, pesticides to bacteria from people who touched them in the supermarket and so on. I would absolutely NOT use a banana.