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Joseph Ferrante, 60, faye runaway gangbang squad 30 Bresnahan St. That bibcam the same video Sgt.

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Michael Hill found when he visited a file-sharing network in September. It was one of the videos listed on the file-sharing site as being available from a specific computer within the group.

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Hill also found teen video showing a boy under the age of 10 engaging in sexual activity with an bibcam male. Using the IP address of the computer, teen sought a subpoena from Comcast and learned the identity of the subscriber, Ferrante.

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Ferrante bibcam to using the file-sharing service and admitted teen he had both searched for and viewed child bibcam. But he allegedly told investigators he did not believe there was child pornography on his computer. A trooper bibcam did bibcam preliminary search found, in addition to the video of the two adolescent boys, files with names that suggested that they also contained child pornography.

Police took the computer for a full teen. Ferrante is facing teen of teen and dissemination of child pornography.