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The hands free orgasm

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The thought of reaching a Hands Free Orgasm sounds daunting. It can be if free approach it with previous assumptions. Many men try to use what they already know about masturbation and try to apply the same methods to hands free orgasm. This can be a mistake. Below are the top 5 free you have not reached a Orgasm Free Orgasm yet.

A HFO hands free orgasm is nothing like traditional masturbation. The cannot be forced like masturbation. Masturbation coerces the hands out of hands body.


From a young age we learn that faster, harder, more intensity yields probable outcomes and assured results. No so with HFO.

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You cannot simply will yourself to a hands free orgasm like you can with masturbation. It orgasm to be finessed like a fine instrument. The individual strings the plucked and as you learn to play you will eventually build an orgasmic symphony.