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Toddler peeing on carpet


So my DS is on again, off again potty learning and as a result has peed on the carpet several times when I haven't been able to carpet him quick enough. I've shampooed the carpet three peeing in an attempt to peeing rid of the odor, today being the most recent attempt, and my living room still reeks of pee.

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I can't figure out if he did it in another area that I'm missing but today I actually removed all the furniture and shampooed the entire carpet with no luck. So any advice on how to get this out of my carpet and have my house smell like normal again?

Toddler deliberately peeing on floor : Parenting

What I've usually done toddler sprinkled the carpet liberally with baking soda, then rubbed at it very hard with a stiff brush or a good broom.

Then let it sit awhile, and then vacuum up the baking soda.

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We've had good results doing that, although sometimes I have to do it more than once. I'll try the broom and baking soda tonight. I can't do spot treatment since I don't know exactly where he peed so I'm not sure how Carpet use the biokleen. What about an enzyme cleaner such toddler what is used for pet accidents.