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Top 50 lesbian films

In our first annual Top 50 Lesbian and Bi Characters poll, we asked you to vote for your favorite characters from film, television, and internet shows.

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You cast your votes, and now we have the results. Almost all of the characters were from films and television lesbian that made their debut after the films While most of the characters were from US productions, a fair amount came flashing pussy at work international shows, including our top two characters from the UK show Skins.

Also notable was the fact that some lesbian top favorite characters, the leads from Xena: Warrior Princess which ran from and Idgie Threadgood from the film Fried Green Tomatoeswere never officially presented as lesbian or films.

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As a result, top unofficially queer characters went on to become positive iconic lesbian in pop culture films are still beloved by their queer fans.

While our poll welcomed top from film, television and internet shows, only one web series was represented in the Top Anyone But Me produced not one but two of the most popular characters, Aster and Vivian.

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Of the top ten characters, four were from the show, and nine L Word characters total made the top Played by Lily Loveless present. The first time we saw Naomi kiss Emily, she sought confirmation that it was drugs making her do it.

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Naomi hated injustice and was always brave enough to stand up for the downtrodden.