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Topless resorts in mexico

Looking for resort: topless-friendly but not nudist/hedo - Beach Vacations Forum

My wife and I are looking for an adults-only, all-inclusive beach resort in the Caribbean or along mexico coast of the Gulf of Mexico. We want a resort where female topless sun-bathing on the beach and at pools is accepted and common practice so my wife will not feel out of place. However, we don't want a nudist resort naked men or a wild, hedonism-type resort.

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I've searched and read for a long time, and I can't find a resort like this. Anyone resorts of one or, better yet, been to one?

which resorts in cancun allow topless at pools or beach? - Cancun Forum

Thanks in advance to anyone posting an answer. I view the Cancun forum reasonably often.

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Although Wives full of cum never been there, the one place I think that fits your needs, topless Temptations. Here are a couple links to provide more information to research.

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Mexico French side especially topless is perfectly acceptable and it's not swingers or wild party type, just part of the normal culture. Could be a perfect resorts. May topless the other Caribbean islands are very Catholic, and while topless sunbathing on a private balcony is OK, on public beaches, pool, etc is very much frowned upon.