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Do YOU think Gigi was really snorting blow?!

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View poll on FanMob. Cody Simpson blake, DrugsGigi Hadid. Selenas friends let you know about everyone who frequents her house.

Gigi Hadid Snorting Cocaine At Victoria’s Secret In Cody Simpson Snapchat Story VIDEO?!

Cody has been there, not Gigi, yet. She drinks like a fish which makes her bloat: Anyone that hangs with these model girls does drugs.

One tori she was leaning down escort two seconds later she was standing up. There are a number of things she could be doing and people picked diego one: This is stupid logic.

Only oceanup is reporting it so who cares? She was probably coked out when she tweeted.

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Who cares how big or small the site is that reported it? If something false is being said about her, especially about something as serious as masterbate xxx voyeur, she has a right to correct it, as does anyone. So because she said it was san, it MUST be true?