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Transsexual surgery female to male video of surgery

Sex reassignment surgery (male-to-female) - Wikipedia

After the diagnosis of transsexualism is confirmed therapy commences with psychotherapeutic preparation for the conversion, and after conversion, long-term patient rehabilitation is maintained for at least two years. The indication for surgery is chronic discomfort caused by discord with the patient's natural gender, intense dislike of developing secondary sex characteristics and the onset of puberty.

The surgical conversion of transsexuals is the main step in the complex care of these problematic patients 1. Transsexual surgery was first described by Benjamin H, using a flap of inverted penile skin 2 and is considered the gold standard since then.

Sex reassignment surgery

Male-to-female transsexual surgical techniques are well defined and give good cosmetic and female results. Sex reassignment surgery promotes the improvement of psychological aspects and social relationships as shown in the World Health Organization Quality of Life Assessment applied young girl saggy tits the patients submitted to this procedure 3.

Techniques include the creation of a normal appearing female introitus, a vaginoplasty allowing sexual intercourse and the capability of clitoral orgasm 4. Various methods for neovaginoplasty have been described and can video classified into five categories, i.

In our Hospital, we use penile and scrotal skin flaps. Until surgery, procedures have been performed by our team using this technique with high mom big tits fuck of satisfaction 3.

Sex reassignment surgery (female-to-male)

Surgical gender reassignment of male transsexuals resulted in replicas of female genitalia which enabled coitus with orgasm 1. With this video we show step by step that a surgery using penile male flaps is able to be performed with good cosmetic results.

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