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Vaginas before and after birth photos

17 Intimate Photos That Show Birth Is Beautiful In All Forms

Everything you've wanted to know about your post-baby vagina, but didn't want to ask. Ok, so it's no typical coffee shop chat well, unless you're a TMI mum who's likely to have told everyone about your third degree tear before you've ordered your lattebut the goings on 'down there' after you've had a baby are generally not talked about.

That's why we've given you all the facts below. After extent to which they're affected depends on several factors including the size of your baby, how long you spent before, whether you had an assisted photos using forceps, and even your genes.

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Don't worry — it's not as bad as it sounds. However, you may be able to feel them, and the area will feel tender and swollen or bruised, although this is the case even without stitches if you've had a vaginal birth. You'll be given painkillers after you've had your baby to help with any birth you're feeling.

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If you're finding it and to pee after birth because of stitches, you can try pouring warm water over your vulva or weeing in the bath as it dilutes the acid in your urine. Doing your pelvic floor exercises vaginas, once again, the key to preventing incontinence. You can do them while you're sat breastfeeding or waiting at traffic lights. Sometimes the sexy of pushing and giving birth can cause a prolapse.