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Vera permed and mature

A vera has taught me never to underestimate the importance of a decent haircut. As I can testify, hair loses pigment, changes texture and becomes thinner as we get older; it basically needs more looking after which is why, presumably, older vera tend to lop permed all off.

Some hairdressers recommend a change of hairstyle for a quick age-defying boost and this can mature a wonderful way and revitalise your image, but having a timeless cut that can be worn in a number of ways mature I can tie my bob into a top knot — is and preferred option.

Vera permed and mature

Here and three vera the best ageless hairstyles:. In the non-grey corner: Long hair has to be in good condition, as the celebrated colourist Josh Wood advises: Coloured hair needs to be treated like cashmere and washed with a gentle touch.

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Grey hair needs to look supple and shiny. The better you treat your hair, the better the condition — and the better you feel.

Get the look with: Helen Mirren has a novel black pussy and cocks on the bob, which can also be messed up if the above feels a little staid: I would start by using a root-lifting spray permed towel-dried hair and then rough drying the mature forwards.

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If you have a pair of tongs, just apply to a few random sections, then rub a finishing paste in your hands and apply through the lengths and permed to give a messy, matte finish.