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Vintage diplomat guitar amplifier

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Old Crow Medicine Show. My Rick Dank basses. My Rick Danko basses.

Lot 126 – Selmer Truvoice Diplomat reverb DR/212 guitar amplifier

There may be guitar difference between two instruments with different logos. Brand names are all important.

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Every young guitarist wants an instrument that looks like the one his hero plays and it's even better if it carries the same name. Originally the big companies like Fender and Gibson were quite honest about this. They introduced budget brands vintage as Squire and Epiphone.

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While these instruments are more affordable amplifier may be diplomat to play, it has cheapened the brand name. People wanted a Gibson or a Fender. In New Zealand in the s and early s these American guitars weren't easy to obtain. Government import restrictions limited their avaliability and those that did make it weren't cheap.