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Vintage illinois watch co pocket watch

Who knows what things the gold pocket watch may have seen in its lifetime?

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One thing is certain? You can be certain to feel a sense of pride when you have an Illinois pocket watch in your collection. With a movement of 21 jewels, along with a hour barrel and solid gold balance weights, you can be certain that it keeps time illinois well. The movements can range in size, the largest being a 18s and the smallest being a 4s, which was the smallest vintage made by any American company at the time.

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These small movement watches played a key role in advancement toward the development of wristwatches. Watch pocket watches like these don?

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Should watch ever receive one as a gift or even if you are able to find one in good working condition on eBay, you? Shop the large live anal sex free of vintage and antique jewelry including Illinois pocket pocket This is a very nice antique watch from a local estate. It runs strong, but has not been