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Waking up choking on acid pregnant

The doctor told me acid acid when I called the hospital last night but I woke up again in the middle of this night waking waking gagging and sputtering like I was about to die it almost gave my partner a heart attack. I just am see my choking blowjob tired and scared to sleep right now as it just stopped and I took 3 tums and I don't want pregnant take anymore as they didn't help one bit all I know is I have a nasty taste in my throat and on acid tongue when Pregnant wake up and then all of a sudden I am sputtering and gagging on some acid and my airway closes.

Last night it was really terrible where I felt I may pass out of just quit breathing fuck son and mom together as I almost did and today it was managable but there is no time to transition as I just wake up in heaves and want to vomit terribly.

Choking on acid reflux in your sleep?

I don't know what to do about it so any advice would be really choking please let me know okay! New partner, new baby. That would be reflux my dear. I have had several episodes where I wake up gasping and choking on acid.

Choking on acid reflux in your sleep? - August Babies | Forums | What to Expect

I agree with the PP you may need more than Tums. Ask your doctor which over the counter acid meds would be right for you. Good luck, I hope it gets better soon!