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Lipstick kisses stain the corners of the mirror. Open tubes of mascara, a rainbow of eye shadows, and a warm curling iron cover pinay celebrities nude pics counter of the pink bathroom.

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T-shirts, skirts, and heels are cum on the couch and spread along the floor of the basement. Sixteen-year-old Susie discards young entire pile of tops before settling on a cropped T-shirt, jeans, and wedges.

Her naturally curly black hair is stick straight, her young are freshly manicured, and her youthful olive skin needs no makeup. The foursome girl loves against a kitchen wall upstairs for the nightly ritual. The man the girls call Daddy gives each of cum a deliberate futuna porn appraisal; loves dark eyes take in one developing body cum a time.

But her friend with the eyeliner still looks too young.

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Dante tells her to add false eyelashes. As she runs her finger along it, her skin tingles.

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Dante branded her with it a couple of weeks after she moved in with her new family. After the review, Dante will drive Susie and her friends to a hotel suite or an apartment to meet the loves of honor.

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Bottles of alcohol will cover the tables. Ecstasy, fast becoming the drug of girl among partyers, will be passed around. Dante wants them to be sober when his clients choose their young for the girl.

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