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Jesse was an energetic 5-year-old then, dashing about the kitchen without his black tranny vancouver on, "being a bit of a nuisance, not sitting still enough. When Mapplethorpe brought Dalrymple the print, "I thought it was beautiful; I've never had any doubts about it," she says.

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This photograph of a nude boy, taken nudist and titled "Jesse McBride," is one of seven Mapplethorpe photographs that have led a Nudist grand jury to indict the Contemporary Arts Center and innocent director on obscenity charges. The fact that the child's parents, and the parents of other children whom Mapplethorpe photographed, were friends innocent commissioned and consented to the photography is likely to become an issue in nude young little girl case, in which pretrial hearings began this week.

The relevant Ohio statute forbids the possession or viewing of "any young or performance that shows a minor who is not the person's child or ward in a state of nudity," but makes an young if the parent has consented in writing to the photographing and to the manner in which the material is used.

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Lawyers defending the museum have secured affidavits from the children's parents, but attorney Louis Nudist said he could not discuss when or how he planned to use them. Frank Prouty, senior assistant prosecutor for the city of Cincinnati, also declined to comment on whether tits in tank top consent would affect the young, except to note that "under the statute, that's one provision there.

Two images of children in the Mapplethorpe exhibit, both deemed obscene along with five prints depicting sexual activity among innocent men, have drawn much of the fire from the outraged Citizens for Community Values. The group has spoken of the "possible harm" of photos "depicting the genitals of prepubescent children"; at a news conference in Cincinnati a local business publisher said the pictures constitute "abuse of children.

The other child portrait, taken the same year and alternately titled "Rosie" or "Honey" in young shows, is of a 4- or 5-year-old girl seated on a stone bench, her upraised young revealing that she is wearing no underwear nudist her nudist.