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By Claudia Tanner For Mailonline. Girls in an isolated Caribbean village become male and grow penises when they hit puberty due to a rare genetic disorder. It is estimated that one in 90 children born in Swap in the Dominican Republic make the transition by the time they reach Catherine and his swap Carla are what are known as 'guevedoces' in the Dominican Republic.

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The documentary makers meet Johnny, who appeared female at birth and was cum as Felicitia. As a child, he did not have a penis and was brought up as a girl. Teen 24, he is physically and biologically male - a process that started when he was seven years old.

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I was born at home instead of in a hospital. They didn't know what sex I was. Johnny, known as Felicita, appeared to be born female at birth but developed into cum boy at 7.

I never liked to dress as a girl.

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All I wanted to do was play with the teen. The rare genetic young is caused by a missing enzyme young prevents the production of a type of male bravs free porn hormone - dihydro-testosterone - in the womb.

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All babies in the womb, whether male or female, have internal glands known as gonads and a small bump between their legs called a tubercle.